Velvet Acid Christ returns with a new album ‘Ora Oblivionis’

Velvet Acid Christ returns after a 5 year hiatus with a new album out on Metropolis Records! Release date 2019-08-09.

‘Ora Oblivionis’ is the first new studio record by VAC since 2014’s ‘Subconscious Landscapes’ and is the group’s most musically varied release to date. 

Erickson states that the album “is inspired by self destruction. A very analog sounding record, it has hardcore industrial dance songs, a minimalist goth dance track [‘Trash’], a dreamy piano soundscape [‘Colors Of My Sadness’], catchy industrial metal [‘Twist The Knife’] and our tribute to George Romero [‘Romero’]. The song ‘Conjuro’, written in a hotel a long time ago, is maybe the most commercial sounding track with Spanish guitar and melodic music. We took our time to make sure that every song was good.”

A limited deluxe edition of ‘Ora Oblivionis’ contains a bonus album featuring early unreleased songs by VAC.

1 Conviction
2 Adventures In Babysitting The Antichrist
3 The Bullet Wins
4 The Colors Of My Sadness
5 Twist The Knife
6 Wrack
7 Trash
8 Romero
9 Conjuro
10 Cog
11 Pill Box
12 Not Of This Earth