Aesthetic Perfection new single ‘S E X’

Sex sells. Or so the saying goes. But can that really be said of music? Music tends to inspire emotions, perhaps more than many other things which can be commercialised. As such people invest in music, and by association invest in an artist who produces something which resonates with them. That’s what being a fan is all about.

Aesthetic Perfection – S E X single cover art

But this is where it gets complicated. That investment is often tied to a certain style with which the listener associates themselves.
People like to categorise and pigeonhole, it’s in our nature. It makes us feel like we have control and gives us an understanding of how things are or how we think they should be. When it comes to music this means defining styles, genres and sub-genres and fitting artists into these. People also don’t like change. When an artist changes their style it can upset the balance of things. Cracks begin to appear in our associations. The artist no longer “fits” with the style or genre we expected of them. Unfortunately far too many people are unable to objectively accept changes to an artist’s direction and all too often slate them for it.
I’ve been a DJ and promoter for nearly 20 years. My musical taste has changed a lot since then. Some artists I used to consider myself a fan of I no longer listen to. Partly because they have changed, and partly because I have changed. This is fine. This is a good thing. Without experimentation and progression an artist, and we as listeners, will stagnate. I no longer complain when an artist I used to enjoy changes direction. In fact I expect it and embrace it.

And so it comes to Aesthetic Perfection. An independent artist who isn’t afraid to experiment and progress. Ever since their first album in 2005 rode the waves of the harsh electro-ebm explosion on the scene they have been uncompromising in pushing boundaries and taking on board new influences. Not only that, the man behind the music, Daniel Graves has been open about some of the challenges he’s faced in development of his main project.

S E X is a bombastic metal industrial pop crossover… well set to establish itself as a powerful live and club-friendly anthem.

The new forthcoming single ‘S E X‘, featuring guitars by Sebastian Svalland (PAIN, In Mourning & formerly LINDEMANN), is a bombastic metal industrial pop crossover. Musically it’s not offering any real surprises but is well set to establish itself as a powerful live and club-friendly anthem. The enormous heavy opening riffs lay the foundation for a melodic pop song structure full of lust and intent. It’s an emotional accident waiting to happen, a love song of desire and submissive self-confidence.
Daniel’s vocals have developed significantly in recent years, and much for the better. At times in the past you could feel that they sounded raw and stretched, almost painful. Now there’s more power and range without compromising the style of which Aesthetic Perfection has become known for. S E X isn’t really pushing any boundaries vocally in terms of the familiar Aesthetic Perfection sound, but you can hear a strength and confidence and the underlying potential for explosivity which surfaces with each chorus.
All in all this single is true to form Aesthetic Perfection. A reflection of their roots and musical journey, but with the promise of greater things to come.

Would I buy this single? Certainly. Do I expect great things from the planned 12 single releases during the coming year? Most definitely.

S E X sells. But it’s not for everyone.

Andy G | [te]music

S E X will be released worldwide on January 8th, 2021

S E X is the first instalment of a ’12 new singles in 12 months’ project that is being fully funded by Aesthetic Perfection Patreon supporters. Each single is unlocked every time the community gains 10 new members, and, hopefully, will result in a full-length album at the end of the year. To join the community, help unlock future singles and ensure another Aesthetic Perfection LP, visit