DJ JuDas @ Memorial set in honour of Mak Ma Yuan

It was a huge honour to be able to play a farewell memorial set in memory of Mak Ma Yuan as part of the Slimelight (Official)Slimelight online – 24 hour Mak Memorial livestream.

It’s been many years since I was a resident at Slimelight, but those some 6 years will always be with me. I, and many others, owe so much to Mak for his contribution, support and dedication to providing such an important environment for us to meet, grow and be part of the scene.

Many thanks to Steve Weeks, Uwe Lippold, Emmerick Görtz, Yolandi Hʌɪd, Frank Drake & Francesca Mendola for all their hard work in making this event happen, and to all the other DJ’s and artists who participated.And not to forget, thanks to all the people, many of whom are friends, who joined the stream to reminisce and say their goodbyes.

Mak, you are sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

The set is available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.